Best Home Coffee Roaster 2022 | Our Top 8

Coffee is one beverage that wake us up at any hectic day. Our mornings get started with coffee and we lose count on how many mugs of coffee we had all day. If you are someone like this and love fresh roasted coffee, then the best home coffee roaster is your thing. 

Take a mug of freshly roasted and brewed coffee at your balcony and feel the warmth of it. Having it will give you kick start to the day. So let’s have a look on some things that you should consider before getting a good quality coffee roaster.

What is a home coffee roaster?

The journey of coffee is from fruit to brew in your mug. Each of the journeys is amazing, but for today it’s only about the roasted coffee. A home coffee roaster is not really an intricate process. It just roasts the coffee according to your taste and preference. The best thing about this is that you can get the freshness and purity ready in your mug every day.  

When you get green coffee beans, those are not as good as roasted ones. Roasted ones have more caffeine, which is the only thing caffeine addicts will care about. However, roasted coffee beans contain higher levels of sugar, acid and protein. The flavor and taste are also not the same. 

Best Home Coffee Roaster Reviews 2022

1. Fresh Roast SR800 Home Coffee Roaster

Fresh Roast SR800 Home Coffee Roaster

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Do you consider yourself a coffee addict? Have you ever thought about roasting your own coffee someday? As a beginner, fresh SR800 home coffee roaster will be a good start to this experience. A good kitchen space and good vent is all you need to do this. Here are some information about the good and the bad of this device so you can decide your best choice. 

An overview of the home coffee roaster

This home coffee roaster is ideal for tiny counter top or a limited kitchen space will keep it with little effort. Sturdy black ABS plastic and mix of glass makes the device look good. 

When you are roasting your coffee, turn off your stove fan and then work. Still you will hear your fire alarm. When the coffee gets darker, the fire alarm will stop. Do not forget to open all the windows for releasing all the smoke in the house. 

Reasons to pick this as best home coffee roaster

  • Capacity: Don’t get confused with the small portable size of this coffee roaster for home use. It has a good capacity of 226 grams for wet-pressed coffee beans and also 170 grams for dry pressed beans. Overall, this is a decent capacity, making it the best coffee roasting machine for home use.
  • Affordable: When you’re a beginner, you don’t know if you’ll be roasting coffee on a regular basis. You may find it inconvenient or lose interest at some point. Investing a large sum of money does not seem reasonable at the time. That is why you should try the Fresh Roast.
  • Chaff management: Despite the fact that it is a small device, its chaff management deserves praise. It collects a lot of chaff; simply empty the chaff collection chamber every time you roast the coffee. As a result, it is one of the best home coffee roasters.
  • USB connection: When I first saw this feature, it completely blew me away. By connecting this device, you will be able to change some features for a more precise roasting process. You are not required to connect the machine to your computer if you do not wish to. There are features in the roaster that allow you to do basic tasks.

Problems if any

  • There were no major issues with the machine. It worked perfectly with the coffee. But nothing in this world is perfect. This machine cannot roast a large batch of coffee at once. It will suffice for your domestic needs, but not for the majority of people.

2. LUEUR Electric Household Coffee Bean Roasting Machine

LUEUR Electric Household Coffee Bean Roasting Machine

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To roast coffee beans perfectly, this LUEUR compact coffee roaster uses pressurized hot air. The mechanism is similar to that of a popcorn maker, but it is more effective in terms of added features. The clear top reveals the coffee beans, allowing you to see what’s going on. The rest of the body is made of nonstick material, which makes it sturdy.

Reasons to pick this home coffee roaster

  • Even roasted coffee: With its round drum and axis rotation, this coffee roaster is one-of-a-kind. This ensures that the coffee beans are turned while being roasted. You would notice that your beans are uneven if you did not have this coffee roasting machine. It may become too bitter for your taste. 
  • The exterior: The transparent to made highly durable glass is in this device will last for a long time if you take care of it. The visibility makes sure you see how well roasted your coffee beans are and when to stop. 
  • Adjustable settings: What is the purpose of a home coffee roaster? Obviously, we want our coffee to be precisely roasted. You can keep track of the process more easily with adjustable time and temperature settings. It has a constant temperature maintenance feature that aids in consistent roasting every time.
  • Chaff management and capacity: The ability of this coffee bean roaster to remove chaff is more impressive than other competitors. You can remove the chaff chamber and clean it. In fact, all the parts are removable for cleaning. 

This coffee roaster can roast 500 gm of green bean at a time, which is good for a home roaster. And you can hear cracks, which solves both sound problem and perfection of roasting.

Problems if any

  • According to the company, this roaster can roast up to 500 grams at a time. However, our tests show that it works best for 170 grams at a time. As a result, it is much lower than the claim.

3. Bar Well Coffee Bean Roaster Machine for Home Use

best coffee roasting machine for home use

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This is an excellent portable coffee roaster that can be used at home or in the office. If you don’t want to deal with a lot of hassle, this may be the best option for you. If you’re looking for the best home coffee roaster for beginners, look no further.

Reasons to pick the home coffee roaster

  • Does not require a lot of space: This coffee bean roaster does not take up much room. As a result, it will easily fit on your countertop. You can easily purchase one for your office because it will fit in any small corner of your pantry.
  • Easy to use: This home coffee roaster is extremely simple to use. As previously stated, it is a user-friendly roasting machine. Its features and mode of operation are so simple that even your grandfather can use it.
  • Roast nuts tooBar well is not only a low-cost coffee bean roaster, but it is also multifunctional. The best part is that this home roasting machine can roast a variety of nuts and grains.

Problem if any

  • To be honest, we didn’t find many drawbacks. However, our tests revealed that it worked best for roasting 200 to 300 grams of coffee beans at a time. As a result, you shouldn’t expect to do a lot of even bean roasting at once.

4. Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy Coffee Bean Roaster

Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy Coffee Bean Roaster

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If old school stuff with a good bargain makes you interested Nuvo coffee roaster will amaze you. The process is fun, and the machine looks like a piece of art. With a tiny budget, you will taste home roasted coffee.

Reasons to pick this coffee roaster

  • Simple hands on coffee roaster: roasting coffee is the system of adding heat to the beans. It’s done in the meditative way with the Nuvo roaster. You are taking part in your coffee roasting hobby by doing it with your own hands. 
  • Durable: This Nuvo coffee roaster is made of a very durable ceramic that has a handle. You will hold it while roasting the coffee. This coffee roaster does not have a temperature setting system that is true. As it’s not an electric machine, it will last with you for decades. 
  • Very affordable: This simple and lifelong device is very affordable. If you are not interested in investing a lot moneys on a coffee roaster but want to experience the taste of home roasted coffee, this is for you. 
  • Capacity: The capacity of the machine is 70 gm. So you can roast coffee for your weekdays. It’s not a terrible machine compared to durability and affordability. 

Problem if any

  • The capacity is a tiny amount and you will not be able precisely measure the temperature. It does not have a chaff tray. It’s actually for those who want to try out the coffee roasting system in a very low budget to feed their curious mind.

5. ele ELEOPTION Coffee beans Home coffee roaster machine  

best home coffee roasting machine

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This circular pan coffee roaster is great for those who want to roast a large batch of coffee at a time. You do not have to roast coffee now and then after you buy this coffee roaster. Its transparent lid makes everything clear in front of you on what’s going on there. Its ventilation is also top four hold ventilation system. 

Reasons for choosing home coffee roaster

  • Constant temperature: you can thermostatically control heating plate that keeps the things constant. The rotating string wands keeps beans in moving so it does not burn. So you get a perfectly roasted coffee. 
  • For hands on approach: some coffee lovers love to keep it hands on. They dislike the timer concept. This is for those people.  with a dial switch without a timer you can control it. 
  • A large unit: the pot is 12.5 inches in circular and 5 inches tall. You can roast a large amount of coffee at a time. The surface protects the beans from burning. 

Problems if any

  • Not for those who prefer to plug in and go for other works to do. you need to observe it all the time to make sure beans does not burn.

6. Household Coffee Roaster Machine Electric Coffee Beans Roasting Machine 110V

Household coffee roasting machine

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The home roasted coffee feels richer in quality there is no doubt on that. But finding the best roaster is a hassle for all of us. The pain adds when a big budget is there. For rescuing you from that you may try this roaster. Its ingenious design looks and works impressively.

Reasons for choosing coffee roaster machine

  • Food grade Teflon layer: The Teflon layer makes it easy to clean. It’s also safe for use just like your other cooking utensils. 
  • The rotating lever: you do not want the beans to get burned. The rotating lever keeps rotating the beans so they are even. Some roasters do not have that and ends up giving you unevenly roasted coffee beans. 
  • Transparent glass lid: for checking what’s going on into the roaster glass lid is everything. The roaster also has 0 to 240 degrees Celsius available for roasting every type of coffee beans. You can choose different temperatures for different beans. 

Problems if any

  • It does not come with a timer that will automatically shut off the machine when it’s done. 

7. KALDI WIDE size (300g) Home Coffee Roaster

Kaldi Home Coffee Roaster

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Motorize system is already a very fancy idea for keeping the beans free from burns. Who would not want a perfect roasted coffee beans for a chilled out morning! For getting that you may think about investing in this KALDI best home coffee roaster. This big roaster requires a gas burner, which is an important thing to know. For following more important things follow the descriptions down here.

Reasons to choose this home coffee roaster machine

  • Motor to keep rotating the burner: when you are roasting your coffee, you do not want them to burn. This is exactly what a motor does in the KALDI coffee roaster that it keeps rotating the beans. That’s how you get a perfectly roasted batch of coffee every time. Or the external gas burner would have burned your beans.
  • Comes with a bunch of tools: the roaster comes with its own body, a thermometer, a hopper and a probe. It also includes a chaff holder to keep your kitchen clean from all the chaff mess. It also includes a volt adaptor and a flame arrest mesh plate to the list. After you get used to the tools, you will find the roaster amazing.
  • Capacity: The roaster can roast 300 grams of coffee at a time which is a big deal. This one is one of the best coffee roaster machine for small business. As it has all the needed things included you will not face any problem while roasting the coffee. 

Problems if any

  • Sometimes the chaff stays with the beans, which fabricates the taste of your coffee. Chaff makes the coffee taste bitter. If you prefer bitter coffee, you might like the roaster. If you already do not have a gas burner, it will not be convenient for you at all.  

8. KALDI Mini Size (200 250g) Home Coffee Roaster 

Kaldi Mini bean roasting machine for home

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Last but not the least is KALDI mini size. KALDI makes the best coffee roasters in the market. Their roaster is like the perfect coffee roaster that you have prayed for. The well-made and high quality roaster will give you a taste of high quality coffee. Here are some details about it.

Reasons to pick this home coffee roaster:

  • Well made: The first thing that impress someone about a machine is its making. This 5.51 pound KALDI one does exactly that. A full stainless steel body is durable, and this makes it sturdy and portable at the same time.
  • The sound is minimal: you need to hear coffee roaster cracking which loud roaster cannot let you. But with this one you will hear the cracks and know when to stop the gas burner. 
  • Includes a thermometer: When you use the roaster you will understand why a thermometer is important. With other brands you have to buy yourself but this one will come with a thermometer to save you some bucks. 

Problem if any

  • This one did not have much problem but if you roast your coffee outdoor, it will be easy to keep your kitchen clean. 

Best at Home Coffee Bean Roaster Buying guide

Having a handy coffee roaster around the house is nothing but a bliss. I have been experiencing that bliss for a while now. That is why I think I can give you a little idea about home coffee roasters. I have had experience of many types of home coffee roasters. 

And now I will talk about things I learned in this journey that may benefit you. Also, some important factors will also be here to consider before buying your first ever best home coffee roaster. 

best home coffee roaster

Types of Coffee Roasters

Roasting systems and preferences vary from person to person. But the most common ones are drum roasters and hot air roasters. These are the best home coffee roaster. There are more types of coffee roasters. Here they are.

Centrifugal roasters:

Centrifugal roaster is to roast a large amount of coffee at a small time. If you are someone who wants to take coffee brewing as a profession, it will be perfect for you. In a large inverted cone, place the coffee and then it spins the coffee up the walls when it’s heated enough. It keeps spinning and brought to the same place to keep up the roasting process. This type is the best coffee roaster machine for small businesses.

This system roasts coffee at a very high speed and this speed saves coffee from weight loss. As a result, you are getting the most of a coffee bean roaster. And that’s how you get the best instant soluble coffee.

Tangential coffee roasters:

This roaster roasts coffee at a slow speed to make the flavor better. Another great thing about this tangential roaster is that it has an internal shovel that mixes the coffee while it’s heating. This makes sure your beans do not get burned at one place and in another place it’s not roasted enough. For a bigger batch of well-roasted coffee at a faster speed, it’s incomparable. 

Though its capacity is not like other coffee roasters. But once you get the flavor, you will not care about capacity anymore. 

Drum coffee roasters:

Drum roaster is interesting. A slow coffee roaster that makes the flavor better. The drum roaster name came from the system of roasting. A metal drum keeps rotating on the flame and gets you even roasted coffee. Your coffee beans will not get burned as the roaster has control over a gas flame.

So far, this one is one of the compact bean roaster out there in terms of convenience and ease of roasting. The heat transfers quickly, slow roasting system everything is in there. 

Hot air coffee roasters:

Hot air roasters are for industrial only. It gives this roaster maximum capacity in minimum time to roast the coffee efficiently. The beans get heated by the perforated grids that flow hot air to them. Then it gets whirled through an air stream.

But to cool down the coffee beans some industries use water which degrades the taste sometimes. The intensive roasting system in the hot air roaster makes the coffee have an intense acidic taste.

Cooling down process

For a perfect brewed coffee cooling down process deserves as much importance as the roasting process. If you do not cool down the coffee, it will keep on roasting and end up being too bitter. Most of the models have a built-in fan in them to cool down the coffee. This is a common feature in most of the coffee roaster.

But there are some roasters that can immediately cool down coffee with new technology. The coffee roasted there produces high quality coffee because of fast cooling technology. The process for their new technology is that they have two separate trays. When the machine roasts coffee it’s dumped into other tray and the machine blows cool air there. 

best coffee roaster for home use

Cleaning and using process

The best home coffee roasters is the best in terms of ease of using and cleaning. You do not have to have a proper knowledge of big machines to just operate this simple home coffee roasters.  Dump the coffee bean and start the roasting process. It’s simple and user friendly. Some models have a timer that makes your job much easier. High-end models have more features that give high quality coffee experience at your doorstep.

For cleaning, just wet cloth is enough to clean the coffee roaster. Before you start the roasting session, make sure the device is clean enough for maintaining hygiene. Clean coffee roaster also produces better quality coffee. 

Is noise a big deal in home coffee roaster?

Yes, it is. If you do not want to disturb your neighbor with your roaster sound, then it’s definitely important. 

There are quiet or loud roaster available in the market. Mostly air roasters are louder compared to the drum roasters. You need to hear a crack of the coffee to understand if it’s done. This becomes a task for a new user if the roaster is loud. A quiet roaster will make it easier to hear the cracks. Drum roasters are quieter than others but costs a little more. Though it will last for a long time, so it’s worth a try.  

How much the budget should be?

There are many options of cheap and expensive home coffee roasters. It depends on you how much you want to spend on it. You can get coffee roaster in price of an oven. The high price can cost around $1000 if you want to splurge. 

A coffee roaster works so intensely that it may not last for a long time. It’s not just like your coffee maker that will work for years. Some coffee roasters does not even reach the life of given a warranty for a thing it goes through. You may have to save for your next coffee roaster before you even start using the new one. 

Where do I put my coffee roaster?

Coffee roasters produce smoke, a lot of smoke. In fact, more than what your cooking process produces. There are some roasters that can set up inside the home. But they do most of them in a porch, patio or in a garage. The only reason is the smoke. Another thing is that the coffee roasting process creates a paper like chaff. This will make the cleanup session longer in your house. Therefore, consider the outdoor one if you find it convenient. 

Mostly I recommend you not roast coffee indoors. But if your kitchen has enough vent system and your roaster has a filter to catch the chaff, go for it. The darker you roast the coffee the more it releases smoke and chaff. So it’s on you how you want to deal with it.

coffee bean roasting

What is the capacity of a coffee roaster?

Capacity means the amount or weight of the coffee you will roast in the coffee roaster. The amount should be able to roast the coffee at a time and that becomes its capacity. 

If you are an average coffee drinker, 250 gm of coffee roaster will be enough for you. It’s more than enough for an average consumer. If you are interested in a small business with a coffee, then a bigger coffee roaster will help you. For that you will have to invest in higher capacity roasters. There are roasters that can even roast over 1000 gm coffee in one go. 

Should I go for an air roaster or a drum roaster?

These two are the most commonly used and reviewed coffee roaster in the market. Drum roasters give high quality coffee and its process is consistent. These drum roasters are the best coffee roaster machines for small business.

A drum roaster keeps turning the coffee beans, so the roasting is perfect in all sides. As everything has other side, drum roaster has. It cannot roast a big batch of beans at a time. 

Air roasters is super-fast and roasts a lot of coffee at a time. But it does not turn the beans that is why coffee turns out unevenly roasted. Though it is pretty cheaper than a drum roaster. So the decision is on you which one you want to consider as the best home coffee roaster. 


Coffee can light up one’s day in just one sip. No matter whether you take home coffee roaster or for a small business purposes, choose the best one. A good coffee will make a person motivated for great work, and you can do this by your small business of coffee. Just take care of the taste and flavor to be best according to your customers’ preferences. 

If you just want the roaster for home enjoy fresh brewed coffee every single day. Make the caffeine game strong and motivate yourself to work harder.