Coffee Roasting Scales, A Must Read For Every Roasters

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks around the world. Traditionally, it is being served hot. You can also add sugar and a non-dairy creamer to make your cup of coffee creamier.

Today, coffee is also being served cold or even iced. If you happen to be a fan of coffee shops, you know the variety of cold coffee they serve. From iced lattes to Frappuccinos, coffee had been revolutionized in so many ways.

But do you know that it all started with the coffee roasting scale? You will not be enjoying your favorite cup of coffee if it was not roasted the way you like it. The flavor of the coffee beans may vary depending on the roasting scale and obviously on the right coffee roaster.

Different Types of Coffee Roasting Scale

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• Light

A light roast happens right before the first crack of the coffee bean. It has pronounced acidity since the caffeine content is still intact. This has a sweeter flavor since it is mildly roasted.

It usually doesn’t have a trace that it has been roasted. You can also see that the color of the coffee bean will turn to light brownish color and the beans will look dry.

Most coffee makers like the light roast scale since you can still taste the quality of the coffee bean. This is also the best roast to mix with other spices for different types of flavor.

• Medium

If you like to have a more balanced flavor between the sweetness and bitterness of your coffee, then you should go for the medium roast scale.

This is a little over the first crack by before the second crack happens with the coffee bean. It gives you a more balanced aroma and acidity in your coffee as the beans are also being caramelized at this stage.

Coffee makers like the medium scale roast because you can still taste the sweetness of the coffee bean. They usually serve it for people who seems to like a bolder taste in their cup of coffee.

dark coffee roasting scales

• Dark

If you like a heavy and full body flavor, the dark roast is for you. It gives a taste of spice a well since the coffee beans are roasted to perfection. This may taste stronger but the caffeine is just about the same as others.

It is actually just a myth that dark coffee has more caffeine or stronger than the rest. This roasting scale is just longer than the others so that they make the oil from the coffee bean to come out.

This process will give a different flavor to the coffee bean. Coffee drinkers prefer this coffee roasting scale since the taste of roasted coffee beans becomes more distinct.

• Extra Dark

It is also known as double roasted or French roasted scale. This has a more bitter taste and gives a smoky flavor and aroma. Since it has been literally burnt to smoke, you will taste the burnt flavor in your cup. The flavor of this can fully wake you up.

Not everybody will go for the extra dark coffee roast since they think that it contains more caffeine. However, getting a double roast may taste bitterer. It will still have the same caffeine content.

The roasting scale does not affect the caffeine from the coffee bean. But it changes the flavor, aroma and acidity of it. This can also be used to revolutionize coffee even more.

• Espresso

This coffee roasting scale is actually from the use of the modern espresso machine. It will extract the full flavor of the coffee bean that will come in shots to your drink.

It also taste stronger since the coffee beans had been roasted, grind and extracted. The best part is that it only takes a few minutes for this coffee roasting scale.

Having an espresso shot can really overwhelming for some. But if you are a coffee lover, it one of the best roasting techniques since you can have it fast and strong.


Coffee roasting scale seems to be perfected by the coffee roasters by now. This is why most of the coffee shops around are making sure to offer all types of roasted coffee. Not only it will increase their sales but it will be possible for them to offer better coffee flavors to their customers.

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