How Many Times Can You Use The Same Coffee Grounds

When the coffee obsession is causing an enormous hole in your wallet, you might rethink the passion you have. But that is not an option because, without a mug of coffee, the eyes don’t even open.

So you have to open your mind to ideas so you could save some money. Some people online told you to reuse the same coffee grounds.

You find the idea not wrong but just intriguing. Is it gross? Is it safe? Am I going to enjoy that coffee as much as did the first one? Answering all your queries here. Read this article to get the answer to the serious question that often comes to our mind, how many times can you use the same coffee grounds?

Is the flavor going to be the same?

If you want your coffee to wake you up, the second-time coffee ground is not for you, especially if you care about its flavor. It’s just not going to be the same.

If you want to give it a go at first, mix some fresh coffee ground with the previous ground. That may save the flavor. Or just the second time used grounds will not give you as much flavor.

If you are someone who has their coffee with sugar and creamer, you may not even notice that you used the ground a second time. If you like your coffee like this, you will not regret it at all.

Coffee grounds

Is it safe to use the same coffee grounds?

It might not be the best thing to do in case of safety. If you drink more than a cup of coffee a day, you can use that ground twice. But waiting for an entire day to reuse that coffee ground is a little worrying.

Because that wet and saturated coffee will be home for thousands of bacteria. The soggy feel in the coffee is perfect for breeding bacteria and fungus. And this process happens quickly from 5 hours to three days. You must throw it out before it passes two days.

Also, you cannot use the same coffee grounds immediately because it gets burnt. Then the coffee made with it gives a bitter flavor, and you would not like it.

Can we reheat our coffee?

Mom’s life is when you have coffee for waking up your brain but do not get the time to have it hot. Every time you want a sip, there is something your kids want from you. Yes, you can reheat your coffee.

But it is not recommended because the process removes some oils, aroma, and flavor from the coffee. That’s why reheated coffee does not taste the same. The same goes for the reheating of coffee grounds. Using the same coffee grounds twice cannot have the same aroma and taste it used to have. So it’s just not worth it.

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Alternative use of used coffee grounds

Use as a body scrub

Before you mix milk and sugar to your used coffee grounds and then waste all these to garbage, make it a body scrub. Please do not use it on your face as it’s not gentle to face. You can also make the coffee grounds as abrasive for cleaning hard to clean dishes.

Use in your garden

If you are a gardener or house plant addict, you can put it into your soil. Worms love coffee as much as we do.

To remove smell

Coffee smells superb. You can keep your coffee grounds on a small packet in your refrigerator. It will remove the food smell from your fridge. It’s great to remove bugs from the house.

Can You Use The Same Coffee Grounds

Use as a furniture polisher.

Coffee grounds work great as furniture polisher. Soak your coffee grounds in a glass overnight and then strain that.

Then, Mix olive oil to that mixture and polish your furniture. You will see new furniture in your house.

Get rid of puffy eyes.

Wrap your used coffee grounds to a cold towel and then put it on your face. It instantly gives a cool-down feeling in the eyes and takes puffiness away.

Final thoughts

If you feel like reusing your coffee grounds, no one can stop you. Just make sure the gap between coffee breaks is not over five hours. Then you are ready. Or do not reuse the coffee grounds. There are other ways to use coffee grounds other than drinking it.

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