How to Start a Coffee Roasting Business

Given the number of people drinking coffee every day and the frequency with which they do it, starting a coffee business is a good idea.  

Despite this, you have to be ready to face many challenges because the coffee business industry has a reputation for being tough. Adequate preparation is mandatory before you begin the actual set up. You need to know the different types of coffee available and how to distinguish them.  

Coffee varieties are usually described with their origin which means you have to learn their initials and background. Reading some educational materials about this is advisable. It’s also advisable to read about coffee roasting.  

You also need to improve your sense of smell by letting go of every bad habit that can affect your senses such as smoking.  

How to Start a Coffee Roasting Business

Getting good coffee

  If you want to increase your chances of starting a good coffee roasting business, you have to find suppliers among growers. This is the best way to access high-quality beans that you can turn into high-quality coffee.  

You can either try to find a supplier locally or through online resources. The former is usually more challenging since most dealers aren’t wholesalers. The latter is, therefore, more ideal because you’ll find better results.   

Buying coffee beans

  Before you find a trusted supplier who will give you high-quality beans, you need to sample a few. The best way to do this is by buying small quantities of each type to see how they taste. Once you’re satisfied, you can buy larger quantities.  

Buying from well-known brands such as Kenyan Nyeri or Costa Rican Tarrazu is also a good idea.

Most people like to buy products they are already familiar with so this will help you gain your customers’ trust as a new coffee roasting company. Make sure you know the processes and methods of roasting in detail as this can also help you win over customers.

How to Start a Coffee Roasting Business

Starting The Coffee Roasting Business

After you’ve prepared theoretically and felt ready, you can venture into setting up the coffee roasting company. Like every other business, you need to create a business plan.


Remember to cover all the important areas like production, marketing, finances and services among others. Be thorough even if it takes some time.  

Business Registration

Next, you need to form a “legal entity” that will protect your company. While doing this, you also need to take care of the tax aspects by registering. Find out what taxes will apply to the company and register all of them. Take care of the financial aspect by opening a bank account and comparing the expected expenses and income.


Select an ideal insurance package that will further protect your coffee roasting business.   The package depends on whether you want to hire other people from the start or whether you’ll be the only employee. Remember, you can change the insurance package later when the business gets bigger.


After setting up all the above, you need to deal with certification and permits. Get all the licenses required and prepare for inspection of the premises.

Remember to get a Fair Trade Certificate for the coffee beans to get high-quality beans. The duration of all these to be completed vary depending on different factors such as your area and how you handle them.  

coffee roasting business

Roasting Environment

When setting up the physical place, don’t forget to create an ideal environment for the coffee beans. Light, moisture, heat, and air don’t mix well with roasted and green coffee.  

As such, you need to set the correct amount of humidity and proper ventilation. Also, you need to buy coffee canisters for storing the coffee.   The last step is placing the hardware.

Make sure you buy all the necessary equipment such as roasting machine read home coffee roaster reviews here, heat sealer, refrigerator and measuring cups.

These are all available in different sizes and you can choose what falls within your budget.   With all this in place, you can start promoting your coffee roasting company. This can be done by advertising, spreading word of mouth and creating an online presence among others.  


Before you start serving customers, you need to make sure that you’ve perfected the art of roasting coffee.

This is the only way to avoid disappointing your customers and preventing the rapid failure of the coffee roasting business.

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