Why Doesn’t Coffee Wake Me Up?

Coffee is our savior in the morning when our brain does not feel like functioning. But has it started to let you down suddenly? Does it feel like that you cannot wake up even after having strong coffee?

If yes then you have developed a caffeine tolerance. Caffeine tolerance develops when your body gets used to caffeine and do not feel the effect of coffee on yourself at all. Do not give up already because I have faced the same and overcame it. So, why doesn’t coffee wake me up?

Why Doesn’t Coffee Wake Me Up?

Studies show that coffee actually keeps you awake because it increases your adrenaline and it decreases your cortisol, the “feel-good” hormone. So, yeah, if you drink coffee, you’re more awake.

However, if you can’t stay awake after a couple of cups of coffee, there’s something wrong with your system. You’re either drinking too much coffee or under too much stress. Both of these are detrimental to your health. So establish a strict routine for drinking your favorite cup of coffee and stick to it.

Can I take extra coffee if one does not help?

Its fine to have one or two more. Because medically there is no proven amount of caffeine that is bad for you. But it’s told that more caffeine can be harmful.

So you have to understand how much is too much for your body and how it reacts to the caffeine. Be extra careful when you have high blood pressure, pregnancy, and heart problems.

Why Doesn’t Coffee Wake Me Up

Is your coffee perfect?

Before deciding to go to a bigger size mug for coffee make sure your coffee is ground well. Because that can stop your coffee from having enough caffeine. If that is the case then use the ones that you used to use earlier or put more brews for strong coffee. that should solve your problem.

Did you change the coffee brand?

Coffee brands are sometimes responsible for caffeine in the coffee. Because there are some coffee beans that are heavy in caffeine and some are smooth. If you switched to coffee that is smoother than the strong ones then it’s not able to wake you up. You might want to go back to the previous one you used earlier.

Is the roast responsible for it?

While roasting coffee beans there is no way that coffee can lose its caffeine. But that coffee that’s roasted darker gets dry and light. So the water content is gone and it’s all coffee there. That means the coffee will have more caffeine in it. Switch to darker beans and see the difference.

Is caffeine tolerance bad?

When you can’t enjoy the benefit of caffeine it’s totally bad. When we are awake there is a chemical called adenosine that accumulates in our brain.

This gives our brain signal that we are tired. More adenosine means we are more tired. When we just wake up, the adenosine is still there and makes us feel groggy. Caffeine stops the adenosine from making us feel that way. Thus caffeine makes us feel awake and ready for the day.

But when our body sees that the adenosine created had no effect it creates more receptors for adenosine. And you do not feel the same alertness the way you used to feel. You are in a constant war with your body. It seems harmful but it does not have any serious side effects on us.

cure caffeine tolerance

How do I cure caffeine tolerance?

When some drug is not working on you, just stop taking that drug. Those extra adenosine receptors your body made can go away in 72 hours. Do not have coffee in these three days. It’s hard but you are stronger than that. You may have some withdrawal symptoms like muscle soreness, fatigue, and feeling irritated in everything. You are going to be alright just be strong for some days.

Things to try when you are not having coffee

Instead of coffee have a cup of mint tea in the morning. It will not be as great as the coffee but the freshness will help you start the day at least. Do some stretches and walk outside. The fresh air of the morning will help you wake up. Try doing some activities because your adrenaline kicks in when you do that and wakes you up.

Final thoughts

Coffee feels so good when you take the first sip in the morning.  To lower your tolerance you can try to stop coffee for some time. Then come to the point of a cup of coffee for a day. If you used to have a cup have half a cup. Because it’s hard to just feel that no amount of coffee is able to wake you up. I hope now you know why doesn’t coffee wake you up.

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